Ad translation & Localisation

When you decide to increase the reach of your marketing campaign it is crucial to translate and localise the content for your target audiences.

If you have an international PPC campaign you’ll want to increase the ROI. In most cases Google won’t translate the ads for you. When you create an ad and you select a target language that only means that your message will be shown to that target language users, but the message will remain in the original language that it was written. .

When you deliver your ad in the local language you’ll get on average a 42% higher click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate 22% higher. This is valid for desktop and mobile searches. Translating and localising your language will make your campaigns get the reach you expect and reduce the efforts and cost of your campaigns, increasing the return of the advertising.

In Transferendum we can improve all your campaign media, and deliver consistent and localised content through all your channels. 

Despite the popularity of google translate we don’t recommend using it for your marketing efforts, specially when the content needs not only be translated but also localised for the audience. Marketing efforts generally use humour and local references to appeal to the customers, it is important to translate the content and the tone to reach your audience. Learn more about localisation here

Our recommendation is always to use a professional service for your marketing efforts. Keep in mind that even languages can have significant regional differences, for example Spanish in Spain differ in expressions and words from Spanish in Mexico. If you want to keep your content intact don’t hesitate in doing it professionally . In referendum we work with native speakers that specialise in Marketing content and we can localise your content to almost any language. 

When it comes to translating your message, you need to keep in consideration that depending on the source and target market, the length of the text can merge or expand. We can provide alternative translations that don’t only deliver your message but also go along with the designed layout you create for your campaign. You need to accept that sometimes exact words, exact meanings might not exist among your source and target languages. 

When you localise your marketing efforts make sure to translate all the elements that your audience may have a contact with. Google ads, display ads, social media, social media ads, links and landing pages, just to name a few, should be localised and aligned to transmit a coherent message. 

If you want to succeed in your marketing efforts you shouldn’t forget about your organic content also, we also provide MSEO solutions . See what we can do for you for your SEO efforts here.

Finally keep a track of your campaign separately so you can better analyze the impact of your marketing efforts. Keep in mind that not all markets have the same internet or industry penetration and online shopping behaviour.