Medical Translation

The translation of medical and pharmaceutical documentation is an exact science. It needs meticulous attention to detail and demands an expert’s touch.

Accurate terminology and medical language are required to ensure a professional translation. We work with pre-defined translation glossaries or terminology to enable us to correctly adapt translations to industry or company-specific language.

We translate all kinds of medical related files like:

  • Medical Reports & histories
  • Lab and imaging reports
  • Vaccination report
  • Prescriptions

With our translation solutions, you can rest assured that you will receive the best service and results for your corporate needs. You can trust us to handle your financial translations with professionalism, accuracy and confidentiality. Contact us today to get a free quote and find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical companies must comply with strict regulations when it comes to developing and selling products abroad. Regulations and laws in this industry are constantly changing and several information is required in all stages of the process. It is pivotal that the information required is presented accurately and timely to successfully achieve the strict procedures that rule the industry. In Transferendum we can offer accurate pharmaceutical translations to comply with all the stages of the processes.

Documents we can translate:

  • Pharmaceutical information, drug guidance & adverse event information
  • Product packaging & information
  • Clinical trials
  • Medical training documents
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Medical devices manual

The incorrect use of medication and medical devices can lead to serious injuries or even death. Our experience and attention to detail can provide an accurate translation adjusted to the target market in terms of date format, conventional doses and usage information, and interactions. The risk of providing wrong information to regulatory entities and patients may lead to substantial fines, damages to your product, brand, and reputation; as well as to users of your product.

We can run multiple checks on our translations and we manage the projects end-to-end, this guarantees an accurate translation of all your medical and pharmaceutical translations.

We have proven experience as medical translations are trusted by medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, and individual clients alike.

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As your Translation Department, we can provide the best possible outcome, and we will advise you when there is an opportunity to improve your document handling and  translation workflow.

Subcontracting to professionals can save you money and resources in the short term, by handling all your vendor costs and removing your management overheads, in a secure quality managed process. Sending us your work can be as simple as a secure email or a full integration with your secure content management system.

Let us help you manage very large projects cost effectively by providing you with the translation solutions you need.

You can leverage a variety of solutions from a complete EN 17100:2015 translation management system, or simpler cost-effective rapid solutions machine translation, basic translation, human-assisted machine translation, machine translation post-editing, and FIPO as well as you can choose the solution you need to match your budget and your process and turnaround time. And don’t forget, you can always send back parts for further review.

If you have previously translated documents we can use them to reduce time and cost of your translation. For larger projects we can integrate our translation and quality assurance process into your organisation. This can be useful if you have a large body of reusable text. Helping to ensure consistency and accuracy as well as reducing cost and turnaround time.

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