IT translations

The IT industry is one of the biggest industries nowadays and its need for linguistics services is growing exponentially. 

To admin, translate and localise the content has become an administrative burden for IT companies. It is possible that updated information is not available in the required language, given the fast pace that the industry faces and the complications that come with managing different versions and extensions of the documents.

Also, even though senior executives are often multilingual, they are rarely experienced linguists and they might not be aware of the nuances when translating content. Relying on executives for translating content is not only inefficient for the company, because this admin task keeps the executives far from their core responsibilities,  but also can be expensive in the long term, because the translation might need to be redone and proofread. 

Internal translation departments can be a great solution for IT companies, but they might become an economical burden when the content translation is not needed.  

We understand that the communication between IT companies and their stackholders must be clear and quickly. A good software development can be wasted if the localisation of the content is poor and users don’t understand how to interact.  An implementation can fail if the instructions are not clear. Poor translations can damage the status of the company and can result in economic losses. 

Transferendum can be your Language Department providing accurate translations and working at your company pace. We can integrate our processes to yours, so you can keep all your documents ready when they need to be. We can offer you a tailored service to provide exactly what you need and not make you pay for services you won’t be using. 

By having a translation provider, the IT companies can have a competitive advantage and save time and money. Companies can rely on the translation, localisation and managing of content and focus on their company tasks, allowing them to be more efficient. Also your content will be available on time, and this is especially important when there are norms to comply. 

Another advantage of having an outsourced Language Department is the flexibility you gain by having your documents ready exactly when you need them. We can assign more or less resources to meet your deadlines. The uniformity of your content also is beneficial for your content. Keeping a consistency in the terminology used, will not only increase the understanding of the content but also will save costs and time for future translations. Repetitive tasks get cheaper and faster with time. 

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