Patents and Trademarks

At Transferendum, we believe in the power of a robust intellectual property portfolio to catapult your business to success. Our expert patent and trademark translation solutions are designed to help you safeguard your innovative business ideas, inventions, and creations, providing you with the much-needed competitive edge in today’s fiercely competitive business environment. We have experience in this area and know how important it is to be precise and specific. Our translators will translate your patents into any language for all types of inventions and all types of businesses. We have translators specialised in the fields of engineering, chemistry, biopharma, pharmaceutical, and electronics.

Patent Translations for use in manufacturing, legal, or technology transfers

Our team of skilled translators possesses substantial experience in working with a plethora of businesses across a vast range of sectors. We strive to provide you with accurate translations that precisely reflect and capture your company’s uniqueness. We know that business transcend borders, and that’s why we offer translations in any language to cater to your international market.

Here at Transferendum, we take a personalized approach to patenting procedures. We work closely with you and your legal representatives to ensure we accurately capture all necessary details when describing and transcribing your invention. Our tailor-made patenting translation solutions are perfect for businesses of all sizes, ensuring that every client receives the highest quality service. This is the job for our patent translators to perform.

Undoubtedly, if you’re defending your trademark or patent overseas you will come to need top-notch translation solutions. Transferendum offers a complete end-to-end translation management solution, providing the entire range of language and multilingual communication solutions you will need. We will work with your preferred legal representatives to smoothly manage the flow of multilingual content in the processing of your application.

What can you patent? 

When it comes to protecting your intellectual property there is a different scope of assets you can protect, like:

  • Product names
  • Slogan 
  • Recipes
  • Business processes

How can we help? 

Patent process can be slow and require multiple documents in order to succeed. In Transferendum we can help you by offering you flexibility and integrating our translation processes to each stage of your patenting process. 

We understand that the patenting process involves the disclosure of sensitive business data and we can assure confidentiality in our security data processes. In fact, our commitment to data security is second to none. We understand the importance of keeping your confidential business data secure, and that’s why we implement strict policies to protect it from unauthorized access.

We can provide tailor-made solutions to support your business patenting process no matter the size of your organisation. The patenting abroad process is a crucial part to protect the assets of your company no matter the market and also to prevent future costs associated with trademark. In addition to our exceptional patent and trademark translation solutions, we help you safeguard other forms of intellectual property assets such as product names, slogans, recipes, and business processes. Ultimately, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of services and helping you protect your valuable assets.

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